Why Heritage Europe?

The four reasons to choose us:

1. Highest Yields

Our auctions provide access to the most favorable market for you, nationally and internationally, offline and online. Through our offline auctions you can reach the top buyers who want to view the pieces in advance. While you can access a very wide range of potential buyers through our online channels.

We distinguish ourselves with our online reach. Because via our platforms you can reach more than 1.3 million collectors. No other auction house has such a large customer base. Thanks to the combination of offline and online and the top reach, we achieve the highest returns. This is also apparent from records at home and abroad.

2. Free and non-binding valuable advice

Your unique pieces and/or the collection you have carefully put together deserve our full attention. We value them. With us you can count on a free and non-binding valuation by a top expert with a large network of fellow experts. Our experts advise you honestly and leave you free to choose.

3. Reliable and passionate craftsmanship

You do business with an honest, service-oriented and solid family business with a long history. A company that values its reputation and also has an eye for arguments other than financial ones. A company of collectors for collectors. With us, your pieces are in professional hands. We describe and allocate them in a careful and professional manner and monitor the quality.

4. Maximum security

At Heritage Auctions Europe you are sure of your business. We guarantee a 100 percent sales score. All entries are 100% all-risk insured. We also guarantee buyers the authenticity of their purchase.

Free Appraisal

Every Wednesday and Thursday

At our office, Energieweg 7 in IJsselstein.

Every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.:
Valuations of coins, stamps, postcards, tokens, medals and banknotes.

Every Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.:
Valuations of gold, silver, jewellery, art in general, curiosities and militaria.

Visit us

Akio Seki from Japan sold his VOC coin collection through Heritage

“In 2018 I made the most difficult decision in my fifty-five-year collecting career: the sale of my VOC and Dutch East Indies coin collection. When you're selling something so precious, you want advice from an expert you trust. I chose Jacco Scheper from Heritage Auctions Europe with whom I have had a good relationship for ten years. I knew him and his company as professional, straightforward and customer-friendly. I invited Jacco to come to Tokyo for advice. He advised me to have my collection auctioned by Heritage Auctions New York. That turned out to be a bull's eye.

The proceeds at the auction at the beginning of January 2019 exceeded all expectations. It even lifted the market in colonial coins to a higher level. My gold VOC Ducaton 1728 Holland, for example, yielded a whopping $336,000. After that peak experience, I also decided to sell my collection of plantation tokens from the Dutch East Indies through the Heritage Auctions Europe coin auction. That sale at the end of November 2020 in IJsselstein was again a flawless auction experience.”

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