Lock John Lennon

Hair lock cutt off in Germany 1966 by hairdresser Klaus Baruck

4 inch

Call sheet and newspaper article.

31,000 euros

Weird but true: hair for 34 grand

In addition to the music, another thing about The Beatles was innovative: their hair. They wore this up to their ears, while the average young men in those days had short heads. Thanks to John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, long hair came into fashion. The funny result of this is that locks of hair are now a sought-after item among Beatles collectors.

German hairdresser

John Lennon's locks are especially popular. These have been auctioned several times. In 2007, a lock of Lennon's hair fetched $34,000 at a British auction. The Beatles singer had once gifted this lock to hairdresser Betty Glasow, wrapped in plastic wrap and placed in a copy of his book A Spaniard In The Works. It didn't stop there. Just under ten years later, another locomotive yielded almost the same amount. British collector Paul Fraser paid $31,000 at a Heritage Auctions auction in Dallas. This lock was kept for almost fifty years by the German hairdresser Klaus Baruck. He cut the lock when Lennon had to play a part in the 1967 film How I won the war.


In the wake of publicity around expensive locks of hair, other providers often turn to themselves. Like a Lennon locomotive owner who applied to Heritage Auctions Europe. The story behind this hair was that it was won in a competition of the German edition of the magazine Popfoto. This locomotive fetched 5,000 euros at an auction. The novelty had clearly worn off. It is also possible that more locks of Lennon show up. In 1970 he exchanged cut hair for boxing shorts from Mohammed Ali. Both served as auction items for a charity that fits Lennon: peace!

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