Dutch East Indies - 40 Guilders from De Javasche Bank

January 19, 1921, De Javasche Bank in Batavia

Sturdy paper and beautiful color, very rare

With signature Von Hemmert

Bought for 50 cents, sold for more than 25,000 euros

You don't come across such valuable banknotes at the flea market very often. But the lucky finder of this beautiful banknote did! The copy came into his possession for 50 cents and sold for more than 25,000 euros in May 2021 at the Coins, Currency and Medals auction of Heritage Auctions Europe. This extraordinary result exceeded all expectations.

Banknote from the Dutch East Indies

The banknote dates back to 1921 and was issued by De Javasche Bank in Batavia, present-day Jakarta. The Javasche Bank, founded in 1828, functioned as a 'circulation bank' for the Dutch East Indies until 1951.

The Indonesian who bought the lot wishes to remain anonymous.

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