Renato Saturnino

As a little boy, Renato qualifies with the first Pokémon movie. To his surprise, he receives a promo card afterwards, which immediately kickstarts his interest in trading and collecting Pokémon cards for the next 25 years.

Around his 20th birthday he decides for the first time that he wants to sell cards from his own collection for other purposes in life. However, he soon learns that selling Pokémon cards to serious collectors requires considerable knowledge.
The coming years will therefore be all about gathering expertise in all areas of Pokémon.

Analyzing, appraising and evaluating Pokémon cards and other TCG collections for inspections is what Renato has mastered after years of experience in the hobby and self-study.

After studying entrepreneurship at the EuroCollege, he turns his hobby into his own company in the Pokémon cards. Renato organizes a PSA grading service in which he not only gives advice in determining which cards are worth a PSA grading, but also completely relieves his entrants of the entire process.

Experience as an appraiser

7 years


Pokémon TCG, PSA Grading, Magic The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh


Dutch, English, Italian, Spanish, German


“Integrity, passion and expertise are indispensable for our work as a valuer”


T: 030-6063944

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