Carol Eybergen

Old artefacts fascinate Carol Eybergen from an early age. So much so that after studying history and law in Utrecht, he started working in antiques. He sells antiques in the Netherlands and abroad.

Initially, he mainly focuses on smaller objects, such as jewellery, silver and objects d'art. Later he also specializes in furniture and paintings. Ten years of volunteering at the Iconographic Bureau, which documents portraits from the late Middle Ages onwards, come in very handy.

Carol started as an appraiser in 2009. In 2013 he started doing this on behalf of MPO (later taken over by Heritage Auctions Europe). Carol values art & curiosities, silver, antiques and jewelry. With his long and broad experience and large network, he is able to value complete collections.

Experience as an appraiser

10+ years


Art & curiosities, silver, antiques and jewelry


Dutch, English, German, French


“A passion for your profession and being able to judge independently are two qualities that are essential for an appraiser. This is best done in a pleasant working climate where you feel free, as is the case at this company.”


T: 030-6063944

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