Valuation of Video Games

Having all your old video games appraised might not be so unwise after all. The nostalgic value of some Nintendo games is so great that collectors will happily pay tens of thousands of euros or more for a game.

For years, the world record for the most expensive game stood at $156,000. At the beginning of April 2021, our auction house in America sold a Super Mario Bros. for 660,000 dollars (561,000 euros). The game had never been used and was still in the original packaging.

Not all Mario games are woth a lot of money. As with all collectibles, there are a number of factors that determine the resale value of a Super Mario Bros or Pacman. These factors include:

  • The quality/ condition
  • The completeness (including box and original booklet?)
  • The rarity
  • The story attached to it.

Not all games with a good story are immediately worth a fortune, but it definitely helps. For example, in the late 1980s, the Bandai company launched the Stadium Events game without Nintendo's permission. Nintendo intervened and had the game removed from the shelves after a few days. Currently, such a game, in its original packaging, yields around 30,000 euros.

Appraisal of video games in IJsselstein

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Rare games

The possibilities in terms of computer games are endless nowadays, and the most valuable games are those from the early days. Rare computer games are not only a much sought after item for collectors. There are also people who make good money trading them. Young adults who are selling the Nintendo games from their childhood suddenly turn out to have extremely rare games. In case you're wondering which games are worth real money, here's a list of the 10 most expensive and rarest games.

1. Gamma Attack – Gammation – Atari.

2. Birthday Mania – Personal Games – Atari.

3. Tetris - Senga Genesis/Megadrive - Nintendo.

4. Air Raid – ManAvision – Atari.

5. Stadium Events – bought out by Nintendo – remake is World Class Track Meet.

6. 1990 Nintendo World Championships – Limited 26-piece Nintendo game.

7. 1991 Nintendo Campus Challenge – one of those rare games, of which there is only 1 left.

8. Atlantis II – developed as a prize for the best players of Atari Defend Atlantis Competition.

9. Red Sea Crossing – Inspirational Video Concepts – Atari with a limited edition of 100 copies.

10. King of Fighters 2000 (English version ) – SNK – 100 copies known worldwide, making it one of the rarest computer games.

Appraisal of consoles

Do you still have old Mario games lying around and are you considering to sell them? Then you've come to the right place. When you arrive, don't forget to bring the game computer itself. All too often it turns out that a gameboy also has value. As such you are welcome to bring your Atari, NES Console, Sega or Playstation 1 to one of our free valuation days. If you want us to perform an appraisal of an old game console and the corresponding cartridges are missing or if the cabling is no longer complete, we can advise you to look for it in advance, at a trade fair or via the internet. Your Playstation 1 value will increase significantly. 

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